oval ring for pad printing

oval ring okweb
We can provide oval ring for pad printing machine. You can use smaller size printing machine when (more…)

ink cups and plates

We can provide 46mm 60mm 80mm 90mm 130mm Standard Sizes ink cups made of anodized aluminum with ceramic ring or tungsten ring. (more…)

tungsten carbide ring for pad printing

tungsten ring
Today, both carbide rings and ceramic rings work extremely well. The alloy is harder than ceramic ring. It will have a longer life than ceramic ring in steel pad printing plate. But it is not better than ceramic ring for a polymer pad printing plate. (more…)

Sensor bearing

Sensor bearing

BMO/BMB-6206 size

We can provide 6201 6202 6204 6205 6206 6208 and custom size.
Our sensor bearing is suited for most AC induction motors, it is available in a range of sizes for shaft diameters from 15 to 45 mm, with a free cable end or connector that best fits your application.

Encoders are required where the speed and/or direction of rotation of AC induction motors is to be continuously monitored.

Conventional encoders are typically mounted external to the motor, exposed to the environmental conditions, which often has a significant impact on encoder service life.

Our Motor Encoder Unit, however, combines encoder and bearing functions. hese units, which can be installed at either bearing position in an AC induction motor, are only about 6.2 mm wider than the corresponding standard deep groove ball bearing.
A Motor Encoder Unit produces 2 signals, at 90 degree phase shift each with resolution ranging 64 and more digital pulses per revolution, depending on the unit size.

ceramic knife for lithium battery

Ceramic knife for lithium battery