We has built up sufficient quality system, proved and accredited according to ISO 9000 Standards.
We guide our quality policy as:
Quality is the original source for company developing
Customer is the first basis for company to be living
We aim our quality goal as:
1.Supply our customer with high quality, economic, suitable products and professional,
exact, prompt, complete service.
2.Ensure to customer with 100% in time delivery and 100% qualified products.
For to carry through ISO9000 standards, achieve our quality goal, and execute
our quality policy we do following real steps:
1.Run ISO9000 standards within whole company;
2.Grade our partners regularly and only do real business with proved partners;
3.Build up the quality control engineering team of profession, full-knowledge,
and sufficiency ,to follow up and control our products along with the whole
manufacturing process.
4.Continue to develop our quality center;
5.Continue to improve in quality, price and service.

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